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We create modern, sleek, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly websites.


All our website designs are created by experienced professional web developers. We ensure your website looks and feels professional to your visitors.

Mobile Optimised

All websites we create are mobile-friendly and easy to use on mobile devices. We can also create an App to go alongside your main website.


We offer a free consultation with you before we start your website. This ensures we know exactly what you want to achieve, thus keeping your build cost lower. Our hourly rate is far lower than many city web agencies. Rates start from as little as £70 per hour. This includes our time with you too.


We will create you a fresh, unique-looking website. We have content creators who will create a unique and well-written website. This includes handmade icons and unique photos.

Increases customer and client interaction and call to action

Website visitors need to understand instantly what you offer and why they need you. We ensure your website achieves this as well as flows perfectly and leads your visitors into call-to-action like purchasing a product or service.

We will build any website, from a simple landing page to a huge directory or complex website.


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What is the difference between Static and Dynamic websites?

There are two types of websites, static and dynamic.

Static websites are websites that are fixed and display the same content for every visitor and user. Most static websites are written in HTML.

Dynamic websites are capable of displaying different content to different users, they also allow user interaction. They utilise advanced databases and advanced programming in addition to HTML.

Static websites are easier to create and involve less expertise than dynamic websites. Static websites, therefore, tend to be cheaper to build than dynamic ones.

Important basics to understand

For websites to go live to the public, they need both a server and a web browser. It is necessary to create a connection between the website and the internet and so HTTP is used. The web browser transmits an HTTP request to a server, the server responds with an HTTP along with the webpage in HTML. This is how the two are connected.


Let us now dive a little more into what a static website is

A static website often uses a specific layout (theme) and has a fixed number of web pages. They are in essence purely informational.

When someone views a static website (on a browser) the content is static and doesn’t change when a user interacts with it.

Static websites are the norm and are quick and affordable to create. Often they consist of only a few pages and the pages are shown exactly as they were designed and stored.

Static websites utilise a combination of written text, videos, and photos. They look very professional and modern. The user’s only interaction with a static page is by clicking links and filling out forms.


Let us now dive a little more into what a dynamic website is

Simply put, dynamic websites are similar to static websites, but are more functional. Dynamic websites allow the user to interact with the information displayed on a page. This is why more coding is necessary than on a static website.

When a user accesses a dynamic website, HTML is still used to create the basic look and design, but, it is possible to change the site through the code that is running in the browser. The final result however is the same display as you would see on a static website.

Why would you consider having a dynamic website?

A dynamic website can do far more than a static website. Many see this as the evolution of the old way websites are designed to work with their users.

A dynamic website generates the content and then displays it based on the actions of the user. Basically, a dynamic website changes to a user’s needs depending on their preferences. Each page interacts with a user differently.

Dynamic websites are easier to maintain in the long term. More importantly, they enable better data management and allow you to expand and add more functionality to your website later on.

If your business needs a more complex website with added functionality, then a dynamic website would better suit your long-term needs than a static website.

Dynamic websites allow users to have a better, more focused experience, and some websites and browsers allow the user to profit from their data being sold, Brave browser being one example.

It is important to note that a dynamic website will cost more to create and usually take more time to build than a static website, however, as more of your competitors embrace dynamic websites it may be prudent to at least look into embracing this technology early on if you believe your website will benefit from a more forward-thinking and interactive experience for your users.

WEB3 Website build

We now offer Web 3.0 design as well as normal website design.

101 Blockchain have a perfect example of Web3

Why would you want to build a Web3 website?

  1. You actually own your .crypto .eth .zil domain name and thus you do not need to pay a renewal fee every year.
  2. Web3 websites are extremely secure. They run on an encrypted blockchain.
  3. Web3 websites allow the owner to create a website without the fear of loosing privacy and security.
  4. Your users will own 100% of the data ownership and any data transferred will be encrypted. Users will be able to decide if they wish to sell their data and earn from doing so.
  5. Web3 allows developers to create an app that will work across all platforms and devices. It allows you to build a Dapp, which is a decentralised app.
  6. Websites running on a blockchain have very little, if any interruption of service.

What are Web3 websites?

Web3 websites are decentralised websites run on the blockchain.

How is Web 3.0 different to Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 has helped corporations control the internet, think data harvesting by large businesses. There are also centralized servers that can reject websites the providers do not like and even cancel their services, domain name, etc similar to what happened to Parlor.

Web 3.0 puts the power back into the hands of the little guy. You can build a website with a domain name that is 100% yours, run on the blockchain and not on a centralised system, and control 100% of your website and business.

Web3 enables data to be shared (if permission is given) across a multitude of systems, platforms, and community boundaries. Users need only access to basic internet to be able to access the web.

For further reading about web3 websites and internet please read this article by 101 Blockchains.


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