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We now offer Web 3.0 design as well as normal website design.

101 Blockchain have a perfect example of Web3

Why would you want to build a Web3 website?

  1. You actually own your .crypto .eth .zil domain name and thus you do not need to pay a renewal fee every year.
  2. Web3 websites are extremely secure. They run on an encrypted blockchain.
  3. Web3 websites allow the owner to create a website without the fear of loosing privacy and security.
  4. Your users will own 100% of the data ownership and any data transferred will be encrypted. Users will be able to decide if they wish to sell their data and earn from doing so.
  5. Web3 allows developers to create an app that will work across all platforms and devices. It allows you to build a Dapp, which is a decentralised app.
  6. Websites running on a blockchain have very little, if any interruption of service.

What are Web3 websites?

Web3 websites are decentralised websites run on the blockchain.

How is Web 3.0 different to Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 has helped corporations control the internet, think data harvesting by large businesses. There are also centralized servers that can reject websites the providers do not like and even cancel their services, domain name, etc similar to what happened to Parlor.

Web 3.0 puts the power back into the hands of the little guy. You can build a website with a domain name that is 100% yours, run on the blockchain and not on a centralised system, and control 100% of your website and business.

Web3 enables data to be shared (if permission is given) across a multitude of systems, platforms, and community boundaries. Users need only access to basic internet to be able to access the web.

For further reading about web3 websites and internet please read this article by 101 Blockchains.


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